МаникаранThe main settlement Parvati Valley - Manikaran, famous for its hot springs. On the occurrence of sources, there is an ancient legend. Snakes stolen earrings from the goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva at a time when it is bathed in the river, and disappeared with them in a deep hole. Enraged Shiva led the snake to return decorations. In the fury of the monster serpent of their nostrils, earrings Parvati, so that they struck the earth hard and broke out, paving the way for hot underground water. It is believed that the hot sulphurous springs heal the body and soul, as the locals sometimes even cook the rice in boiling water, geothermal, assuming that such food prasadam - blessed. Temples of Rama and Shiva near sikskoy gurudvaroy always full of sadhus. The water temperature in the sources of income to 98 ° C. In addition to Hindu pilgrims flock to the city of the Sikhs - followers of religion-based Guru Nanak (1469-1539). In Manikaran Sikhs arrive in jeeps and on motorcycles decorated with orange flags. Sikh Temple Gurdwara Sahib can simultaneously accommodate four thousand pilgrims. As described in ancient texts, Manikaran - "a place where all desires fulfilled." A desire for most visitors is one - as soon as possible to get to the healing hot baths. You can move from temple to temple, each perch. Designated bathing for men and women are separated. Only in the "paired" the people of both sexes sit together. The so-called hot cave in the Gurdwara - a sacred place where pilgrims are sitting in a hot pair of fully clothed and chant "Wahi-Guru, Wahi Guru ..." - Sikh prayer, glorifying one God and gurus - the founders of religion.